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Just a quick update, I’m currently still in Rome and I absolutely love this city! Ah it’s so amazing, the history, the food, the people and their language. And I’ve never had so much pasta in my life… I think I’ll be sick of it, soon enough. But I can’t help myself. Oh and the gelatos, all day everyday! About to gain some weight soon too… Lol. Well I’ll just keep telling myself I’m on a holiday, and i deserve to pamper myself once in awhile. It’s not everyday you get to eat good Italian food righhht? *tryna convince myself here* Ok who am I kidding… 😂

Anyway, I’ll be off to Paris in the next 2 days. So I’ll write again soon.

Here are some pictures!

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Hey guys,

There’s a week to go before I fly off to London! Ahh I just love being in London. I’ve been a couple times and the last one was with my cousin. I’ve got a few friends there too so that’s always good fun. That being said now whenever I have to stop by Paris, I’ll always make an excuse to try and visit London. This time round I’m heading there with my good friend. It’s always good to know that you have friends that love travelling as much as you do. 😊 Continue reading

TRAVEL : A must visit, – Six Senses, Ninh Van Bay!

My title says it all, or should I say my pictures below. I went to Nha Trang, Vietnam, and stayed at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay a week ago.

We got the Water Villa on the rocks, so I was excited. I’m still pretty much amazed by the beauty of this island. I mean this is my second time here, and I still love coming back. Sunsets amazing. Breakfast is always good, no doubt about that. Vietnamese food is in between healthy and tasty. So that’s always a plus point for me, although I still need to work it all out back at the gym when I’m back from any vacation. Balance is a must. Anyway as I was saying, whoever needs a good time to relax and clear their mind off things in life, this place will give you an amazing time. Not forgetting the beautiful sunset you will get every single day, clear blue sea, nice beach, nature and oh! honestly probably the best massage you’ll ever have, in my opinion. Ok you guys know what I mean. So yeah, definitely worth a visit.

Other than that I’ve been busy lately trying to catch up with my work and all. Nothing comes easy when you want to achieve your dreams. Hopefully that goes well too. Haha. I’ll keep you guys updated once it’s out and about. 😉

I’m in Bali now… again for work purpose. Or ok a little bit of leisure. Can’t kid myself.

Now enjoy the pictures below, of last week! Catch ya later.