9 days to fall & how i pack

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Outfit – Jacket (Zara) | Scarf (Eric Bombard)| Jeans (Scotch & Soda) | Flats (Repetto)

Fall is here once again and I am preparing myself for London, Paris and Bordeaux in 9 days. I am looking forward to be in London actually because it has been 4 years since the last visit. As much as I love travelling, the hardest part for me is to pack. I hate packing and unpacking. Well like they say, can’t eat the cake and keep it whole.

Bordeaux weather seems relatively better than Paris or London, that’s for sure. But of course it either gets too hot or too cold in between, like hey what am i dress up for again?

I live in Singapore and we only have two season, wet or dry.  I try not to bring too much clothes whenever i travel and wear them alternately on different days. (lol ok of course you gotta somehow clean it) I used to bring so much extra clothes even if I’m just off for a weekend getaway, thinking it might just be helpful (sometimes). Or letting my excitement for the holidays get in the way. Happens right? Which to only end up not wearing any of them. I don’t know why i shop for clothes that i don’t really wear in the end. (first world problems, or just love at first sight). So it came up to a point where i actually just wear my favourites all over again. Outcome? Just bring clothes that you can mix and match with your favourites. And besides that, I’ve got a good excuse to shop if I did’t pack enough for the holidays. Right?

So here’s what i would usually wear for fall season… (Images are all from Polyvore, and styled by me.)


I love pairing jeans with pullovers, along with a jacket or coat. I’ve always like the minimal look with a little edge on the side.

Fall dressAs for dresses, i would usually go for the knit ones because they’re more comfortable and they keep you warm during fall season. I usually just pair them with a coat or jacket if needed. I must say I tend to wear jeans a lot more than dresses, it’s just a matter of preference and it’s easy to go. But I save my dresses for an excuse to go out for a nice dinner or just a night out.

Have a good day, and keep yourself warm! xx


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