TRAVEL : A must visit, Queenstown!

I think I was a little too confident when I started to try and blog again. Haha oops. I’ve been on a hiatus for a couple of months now. But I hope I’m back. Always easier to say than do.

Anyway, I was also doing some travels in the last few weeks. I went to Sydney and New Zealand – Auckland and Queenstown. Pretty short trip actually but I’ve never been amazed by the beauty of nature since I’ve seen Glenorchy. It’s 45 minutes from Queenstown and is nestled in the northern shores of Lake Wakatipu. A must visit once in your life.


The drive to Glenorchy from Queenstown. Couldn’t asked for more.

Here’s some pictures, although it still doesn’t do justice. But hey, what a beauty right? I will definitely come back again, this time a little bit longer.

Till then, I’ll try to blog when I’m in Paris. I’m off for a yearly ski trip. My flight is tonight, and I’m kinda dreading the 13hrs on the plane but I can’t complain. I love traveling, it’s good to the see the world if anyone is given the opportunity right?

Have a good day people!



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