Great Wall Of China, finally one place out of my bucket list! Well the weather could have been better, but hey we can’t have it all can we? Apart from that, the view is amazing. The walk was actually quite okay, I would have imagined it worse. But in fact it was manageable. Although I’m not gonna lie, it was tiring after a few steps because some stairs were really steep. Of course we only did half of the walk because mind you, it might take forever. But I guess there is always a bit of sacrifice when you know you’re gonna see a beautiful ending. Nothing comes easy, right? C’est la vie.

This was also my first time coming to China, Beijing. People here are… hmm okay let’s just say their culture is one of a kind. Lol. I don’t want to say much because there is just 101 reasons in my head to so many why’s, do they do things the way they do in life. It’s just incredible, and also sad at the same time. Hence I think education is very important. But I can’t really say, as some people are not privilege enough to do so. And for that I hope the world will change one day, for the better.

On another good note, roaming around in China can be a battle if you don’t speak any Mandarin. So it is definitely a plus point that I can speak their mother tongue. Perks of learning languages. But no kidding it helps a lot to roam around in another country when you speak their language right.

Okay enjoy the pictures! 🙂

Write again soon.



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